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Homeopathy is a safe and non-invasive therapy using micro doses of remedies based on the principle that like cures like.

People of any age can be treated, including babies, children and pregnant women.
To find a homeopathic remedy, I ask about current health concerns, personal and family medical history, and your feelings and responses to the world around. The remedy acts as a gentle nudge towards self-healing. 

The consultation process can deepen awareness of what is happening and open up new perspectives that allow the possibility of change.

Many different health concerns prompt people to see a homeopath. These include: digestive problems; irritable bowel syndrome; asthma; eczema and other skin problems; hayfever; sleep problems; anxiety; depression; bereavement; menstrual and menopausal problems; allergies; recurrent illnesses.




"I can't praise Sarah's practice enough. Before going to her, I had seen other homoeopaths, but hadn't always felt at ease talking to them or entirely confident in their practice. With Sarah it was different-from my first visit to her,I found her to be a warm and understanding person with whom I "clicked" immediately."



Reiki is a Japanese word, loosely meaning "universal energy". 

Reiki is given through the placing of hands in a sequence of positions. The recipient lies fully clothed on a treatment couch, in candlelight and with gentle music playing. Reiki goes wherever it is needed in the body. 

People often feel "otherworldly" during a session, and generally experience the treatment as profoundly peaceful and relaxing. Recipients may feel warmth, tingling or buzzing. Some people may see colours and experience an expansion of their normal sensing. Each person receives something unique to them.

I usually offer Reiki as a group of three hands-on healing sessions.


Body Work

The Rossiter System is a series of techniques to help release tight and shortened connective tissue which is causing pain and stiffness. As a Rossiter Coach, I use specific techniques to help the recipient locate areas of pain and tightness, then I use my foot to anchor the tissue in place and coach the recipient in the appropriate stretch needed for release of the area. This is the most powerful form of Soft Tissue Release that I have come across. It constitutes more of a workout than a treatment. The techniques are designed to bring wide-spread connective tissue release across the body.



"Through this work, I felt like I was able to view past events from a new perspective with a rational adult mind, and to show myself real compassion and love. I recognise how much this work enabled me to move past some things which had been blocking my progression for years. And to move towards a more happy and whole, integrated me. After the first session, I giggled uncontrollably like an innocent child. Something very good got released and reactivated. I am very grateful to Sarah for introducing me to this work and I am glad to wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone."

Body Work

Holigral facilitation using 4th Generation NLP is a powerful transformational tool that emerges new ways of structuring personal reality

"Clean" question patterns (to minimise practitioner intrusion) are repeated. Many layers of knowing emerge as people process their answers and pay attention to the body's unnoticed signals: throw away phrases, gestures, coughs and sighs and other bodily expressions. 

Energy frees up in the process and different parts of self that were in conflict "come back home" to the here and now creating more inner peace. 

With skilled facilitation, people resonate in their own unique way with what they discover, often returning to the point at which they constructed their world in a particular way and finding the resources needed to recreate their reality






Adults & Children over 12

​Initial Consultation (90 mins): £90

Follow-up appointments (60 mins): £60

Children Under 12

​Initial Consultation (60 mins): £60

Follow-up appointments (40 mins): £45


Individual sessions (75 mins) . . . . . . £75


60 min session . . . £60
90 min session . . . £99


Sessions available daytimes Monday, Tuesday , Thursday and Friday, and some Thursday evenings.

Cancellation Policy

For all new appointments a deposit of half the session fee is charged.

For every appointment booked a cancellation policy applies. Please give 2 days' notice of changes to appointments, or the deposit is forfeit. I appreciate as much notice as possible of changes to appointments, thanks for honouring this.

For appointments missed with no notice, the full session fee is payable.

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